March 2nd, 2005

  • jameth

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I can't find this on the UW web site. I must be blind. For the 15 credit VPLA requirement, do I have to take classes from three different disciplines? Where's the information outlining basic requirements?

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hey guys....sorry about another class question! I've tried looking in the memories section, but I haven't had any luck. Has anybody taken psych 202 (biopsych) before? Mizumori is the prof the quarter. Was it interesting? What was the homework like? Any help would be much appreciated!

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a question about financial aid, and yes i'm aware that almost no one gets financial aid from uw. oh, i'm going to be a freshman next year, if that wasn't obvious.

generally, how low does your EFC have to be in order to receive financial aid from uw? i'm just curious if mine will even be low enough to get any help at all.

ah, I feel so screwed, and I'm still in high school. paying for college seems overwhelming to me...

paris: arch and urbanism

i'm a freshman.... and i'm looking for a 3 credit interesting course...and i found euro 496: paris: arch and urbanism and was wondering if this was a bad idea to take such a high level class, and if it was interesting or if im crazy or what. cause it looked cool. thx.