March 1st, 2005

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Hey, does anyone want into math390 (aka stats390)? I just realized I a) don't want to take it b)don't need to take it c) I'm still registered for it. First one to reply gets it, or the one with the most substantial bribe [by the way, I really like cheese ;-) ].
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So I was supposed to register this morning (March 1st at 6:00am) and for some reason I attempted it at 1:00 am and was able to do it. Does anybody know why the system let me do it early? I love it though because for once I got the classes I wanted. Check it out the night before you register! Good luck!
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the Daily

So I saw a sign today announcing a protest in Red Square against the Daily this Friday. Apparentely, everyone from the Young Democrats, to the College Republicans, to the ACLU, etc.... basically everyone except the Daily itself is supporting the protest.

Anyone want to tell me what is so heinous about the Daily that it must be protested against? I don't usually read it unless I'm starved for something to do, and there are no squirrels to be found.

italian 103

I looked online at the course evaluation catalog, but it wasn't very helpful... so I want to ask you guys! Has anyone taken an italian course from Jennifer Myers? What kind of prof is she? Did you like her? Thanks!
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Anybody know what the hell was up with the card readers this morning at montlake?!? I slid my card just like every other morning and it said something like "Upass Full, or overload" or something like that.. I remember it said "upass" + something to do with being full... This was the first time all qtr this happened. Luckily I had cash and paid the $4 to get in.. if i didnt that would have just sucked..