February 27th, 2005

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annual drop

How exactly does the annual drop work? When do you have to drop it by? I don't understand the difference between dropping a class, and using your "annual drop."
Basically, I'm doing horribly in one class that I didn't have the textbook until like a week and a half in and I never really caught up. So, I want to drop it, but don't know how to go about doing that, since it's rather late in the quarter.
Also, what kind of effect does it have on tuition?
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sorry another question on classes

So I'm considering signing up for one of those "special topics" classes tomorrow.. Arch 498.. I'm a little afraid of it becuase its a 498 class and I have no clue what to expect, work load wise, from the class-- the class description doesnt say much about expected hw, etc for the class.. it also happens to be offered jointly with another class.. Just wondering if anyone has taken one of these classes before, or know what I can expect. thnx.

-Oh and I just checked out the class it's jointly offered with, euro 4xx and art history 4xx, and in that classes "notes" section it says 'jr, sr, 5th yr, grads only period 1', etc etc, but the Arch listing doesn't have any restrictions in its notes section (I'll be registering as a soph, so I dont know how much this will/wont work).. is this strange? Should I even considering taking this, its looks slightly daunting to me, to say the least


for sale:
ess 101: geology 3rd ed $55 no highlighting/marks
music 120: enjoyment of music w/ all cds 9th ed $60 no highlighting/marks

need books for:
music 162
soc 265

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Library Reference Question!

I was wondering if anyone knew how I could find statistics that show the usage of Napster between 1999 to 2005. I want to show that people used it less over time indicating that music downloading has more social order now (for sociology 316: theory). It is for a paper that has to be 8-10 pages. UGH!


I have a research subject for communication 101 and I need to get fake IDs for it.
So if anybody knows where I can get some good fake IDs with black light and all the shiznite that would be awesome :-p
email: jplarch@hotmail.com
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New UW grad student community

I just made a new community just for University of Washington's grad students or soon-to-be grad students (like me!) :)   I figured I would share it with y'all since some of y'all might or are going to be going to UW.  It be a way to see who's going, get to know people before we actually get up there, and such.  I know I'm already worried about housing and traveling stuff, so hopefully we can get some UW people in the community to guide us newbies along the way...

Anways, here's the community...


x-posted a few places to get people aware and to join

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I know this is probably frowned upon as an entry, but I'm a very desperate girl, and I apologize in advance. If there's anyone who could possibly hold Bio 180 at 12:30 with either a Tuesday afternoon or Thursday afternoon lab (SLN 1886 or 1881), I would LOVE YOU FOREVER. I'll make you a huge freaking batch of cookies.
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