February 24th, 2005

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So I have a quick question. I want to take a class that is "offered jointly" with another class that I have already taken. But the thing is, is that it's the same Prof with the same class title. The only thing different is instead of it being PSE, it's CHEM E. So.. can someone give me clarification on this before I register in 3 hrs? I hope someone is awake...


after trying to register... i could only get into one of the four classes oi planned to take.
7700 Soc240 says that all of its sections available today are filled and there will be more tomorrow. ive never seen this message- is it common?

then for pols 361 and sisla 355 i am restricted because they are majors only (period 1). if i am in minors that require these courses, is it worth talking to the department about an add code? will these classes fill? should i try and find someone to hold a spot for me?
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Tent City at the UW?

I'd be interested (for very big reasons, as I am Newman's student council president) to hear people's thoughts about this idea....

ASUW senator seeks to bring Tent City to UW (link) - By Tom Christiansen (Daily)

ASUW senator Devin Craig presented a resolution for the UW to host the homeless encampment Tent City 4 once its permit to remain on the Seattle University campus expires in March.

While alternative locations have been discussed for Tent City 4, Craig wants the ASUW senate to pass his resolution -- drafted on behalf of his constituency at the Newman Center. Craig said he thinks a resolution in support of hosting Tent City 4 from the student government would make UW administrators consider hosting a tent city more than any single campus group could.

'All of us have a part in this because there could be a time where that's where we are -- we could see ourselves there too,' Craig said....Collapse )
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has anyone taken chinese before? i'm thinking about starting a new language...and just wanted to know how has it was or whether or not the pace is too crazy to follow...thanks!

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exactly how necessary is the physics 117 (lab - 1 credit) with physics 114 (general physics - 4 credits)? i already have chem with a lab and 21 hours of class a week seemed a bit excessive if the physics lab doesn't help much with the class. any opinions?

Piano Class.

Hi! I heard that the UW offers a Piano course. Is this true??? Has anyone taken it? I am a Pre-Music Ed major and need lessons horribly. If the class thing is a bust does anyone know of any good teachers?? Thanks :)

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i'm having a registration dilemma. i'm trying to decide between two classes, & i was just wondering if anyone had any input/past experiences/etc.

it's either soc 270 (social problems, with a. black, who i've just read some interesting things about in a recent post) or poli sci 201 (political theory, with g. mackin i believe). i don't really need either of them, but i have to take something, & i have reasons for both... i'm just not sure which would be better.
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So, just to add to all the registration/class related questions.

I need a W credit. Any suggestions? Preferably not a writing-link because that means I have to take two classes to satisfy one requirement.

Also, I'm taking stats 311, or, planning on taking it, until I saw the faculty evaluation thing and noticed that Chiu is rated at, like, 1.85 overall. And a 1.0 for grading techniques. So, how accurate/good are those ratings? Should I still take it if it's *that* low? Isn't stats supposed be objective?

And the alternative is to take Q Meth 201, but that class is only four credits, and "less recommended."

One last question. Econ 300. I've got IB credit for both 200 and 201, which is from high school. Anyway, I noticed that 200 and 201 are really math/calculations based and IB really was an essay writing economics course. Is econ 300 essay or math based? And how much information from 200/201 will you need to recall on a daily basis?

Help. Please. I register in four days.


im looking to get another small tattoo (1 inch x 2 inch ish). i just moved... whats a good place for detailed, girly designs? how much will that tattoo cost me around here?

i think ive been spoiled.. my last tattoo was only 50 dollars but when i went and got an estimate on the one i currently want of similar size and detail in spokane the artist said he would have to double the size and it would cost 150 dollars.

please dont tell me this is the norm. my old artist moved.
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e c o n. 301


If you've had (as Economics instructors):

Wei-Choun Yu or Till Schreiber, what did you think of them?

My other options are
CHUNG,K &BASHER,M, but I doubt I will pick them due to timing issue.

Thanks much so :]

NOT a registration question.

they cleaned the bell tower on top of denny (actually its sitting behind denny) so its no longer green, but back to being copper colored.

i wish they would of kept it oxidized.

oh, and i would like to bring to the community's attention that the seattle community has extensive non UW-centered memories section, and could be a good resoruce when looking for stuff in seattle.
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Do you need to polish your dining and business etiquette skills? If you
want to make a positive impression in any situation be sure to attend the
university’s Annual Etiquette Dinner, Tuesday, April 5, 2005 from 5:30 to
7:45 in the HUB, 200-ABC. Over a four-course meal, you will gain valuable
information about proper etiquette, an important asset in the job search
and a skill for life.

anyone who participated before? if so, do you recommend it?

Fashion sense

This is a little off topic, but I am posting this just because I am tired of reading about registration crap. Now that it is sunny outside I found myself chilling on the lawn in the quad and got to thinking about what people wear....It is fun to people watch and I have to say that some people just have some messed up fashion sense. Now I know I am not perfect I mean I have my days of sweats for an 8:30 final, but sometimes I mean come on...how can some people leave the house? For instance,the other day I saw a girl wearing these pants. I can't even describe these pants. They are old worn out jeans with giant panels of brown fabric sewn up and down the legs. It doesn't sound so bad, but it was bad. What is the worst outfit you have seen on campus, there it is UW related.
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UW phone number???

Just wondering if anyone recognizes this phone number -- 206-973-1714. Apparently its from school, somewhere.. since it showed up as "U of WA" on the caller ID. The first time they called they asked for me, and the 2nd time they asked for my mom. (my dad answered both calls) He asked if he could take a msg for them, they said 'no I'll call back later' etc.. this is kinda.. odd.. anyone have any thoughts?