February 23rd, 2005


More random questions

Still iffy on what other English classes to take. What do people think of their creative writing program within the English Major? I'm vaguely thinking of taking Engl 284 (Beginning Short Story Writing) which is being taught by Emily Strelow or Julie R. Cooper. I've taken a lot of literature classes, but not yet any creative writing, so I'm a little unsure about it.

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Hi all. I would like to put together a video presentation for class but unfortunately I have no video editing software. Basically all I need to be able to do is cut pieces from video files I already have and link them together. Does anyone know of any free or inexpensive software that could do this? Thanks!
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Help me decide what to take!

I'm trying to decide between three NW courses:


I'm an English/Communication double major, so I'm looking for something interesting yet fairly easy to 4.0. Dream big, I know...

Any advice would be very helpful!
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I am an Evening Degree student interested in applying to the grad school (Anthropology) in about 6-8 months. Does anyone have any insider or personal advice/info about the Anthropology grad program and/or the application process? (i.e. difficulty?) I'll be applying to Western's grad school as a backup at the same time.

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quick! i need help!
there are three classes i desperately want to take, but they are all offered at the same time!
what do you suggest?

+AFRAM 315 Black Identities and Political Power
Relates the deployment of political power within institutions to shifting racial
identities. Shows how racial identities both reflect and inflect relations of
domination and resistance within and between cultures in the black diaspora.
(i know nothing about this prof or the class- and it's only with 7 other students. scary!)

+AFRAM 321 History of Afro-American Women and the Feminist Movement
"Feminist Movement" from early nineteenth century to present. Treats
relationship between Black and White women in their struggle for independence,
at times together and at times apart. Discusses the reasons, process, and
results of collaboration as well as opposition. Examines recent and contemporary
attempts at cooperation.
(this one is taught by a prof i've had before-she's fucking brilliant but pretty disorganized.)

+ ENGL 368 Pakistani Women Writers
(this one is rarely offered and is taught by a teacher that i have been recommended to by three different people. i know nothing about pakistani people, so this would be such a huge opportunity to gain new perspective.)

COM 468

Hey all. I hope everyone is faring registration better than I am. I'm a junior and don't register until Friday. Though I am an English and journalism major and able to register for such classes during period one, there are only 2 spots left right now in a class I really, really want. Though I doubt this plea will get me anywhere, I figured it was worth a shot...

So, any COM majors out there that would be willing to save me a spot in COM 468? I would be quite grateful as I both need and want this class!

Well, let me know if anyone's interested in helping. Thanks in advance.
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While we're talking about campus-wide emails...

In the Student Lobby Day e-mail from the ASUW pres this afternoon, it said that "the average student graduates with over $13,000 in credit card debt - and that doesn't include debt accumulated from loans."

Is it just me, or does that seem ridiculously high? I don't think I even know anyone with credit card debt that high, and they're saying it's just an average. I wonder where they got the number from.
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credits, classes, major

i'm a transfer student, and i'll only have been at uw for 3 quarters by the time i leave for study abroad. how many of the credits have to be in-residence at uw to count toward your degree? is there any way any kind of study abroad credits (not through a UW department program, it's with isa if that matters) can count as in-residence beucase of that concurrent enrollment fee or whatever? i'm basically just not really sure how credits transfer, and in-residence credits work and all that.

and a question similar to one a lot of others are asking:
for a nw credit, is pse 104 any good? or any other recommendations?
is polsci 202 or 205 more easier?

when do you have to declare a major by to keep your registration from being barred? after winter quarter is over, i'll have completed 117 credits, i think. do i need to declare a pre-major extension or apply to my major befor emy spring quarter registration date? or is that not until i pass the credit limit or whatever. i'm kind of confused.