February 22nd, 2005

NW credits

I need a 5 credit class to fulfill my natural worlds credit requirement...
I've already taken ESS101 and atmospheric science 211.

Does anyone have comments on any of these:




or any other good 5 credit NW class? And I suck at science...
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Heya guys,
Please bare with me while I ask about housing in the seattle area.
I just got accepted for the MPH graduate program and I'm planning to attend UW in the fall. I am searching like crazy on craiglist and every single seattle community I can to find housing. However since I am not from the area and I have yet to visit, I have no idea the proximity of any housing or neighborhoods.
I heard that capitol hill and university district was some good choices. I'm from a farm, so I know nothing about how cities are laid out. I have a shit car which means that I would like to live semi-close to campus, within walking distance. I can't apply for on campus housing b/c I have a 15lbs. dog who is my world. So here are my questions:

*What neighborhoods are within walking distance from UW campus? (or public health building if that makes a difference)
*Which of those neighborhoods are good/bad as in safety wise?

Thank you soooo much. I greatly appreciate your info and help with this. It's hard moving to a new huge city without knowing anything about it.

registration reminder emails?

Anyone know why they didn't send out those "Your Priority 1 Registration Date is blahblahblah" emails this quarter?
And my MyUW page's "Important Dates and Deadlines" section only has the last day for winter quarter withdrawal listed – nothing about registration.  If not for talking to people in real life (something I try to avoid), I wouldn't've figured it out for quite a while that I should've registered.  What's up with that?


hey everyone! just wondering if anyone knows anywhere on or close to campus where one is able to get musical instruments? i.e. drum/xylophone mallets? any info would be most awesome... thanx!
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renting/hstas final

1. what's a good source besides the daily to look for houses? i'm looking to rent a 3-bed house/apt late march...and it doesn't look too good...sigh.

2. does anyone know what kent guy's (hstas prof) finals are like? thanks!

Hey Freshmen and Sophomores!!

I am in desperate need of some help. I'm graduating in June with a Biz degree, and all I've wanted to take at UW is a photography class for an elective...but only Freshmen and Sophomores can sign up. So, I'm asking for help.

If there is someone who is either a Freshman or Sophomore willing to hold a space for me until Period 2 (March 7th) in ART 140 I would be ever so grateful! (That is, if you don't want that class). Photography was a kind of therapy for me back in HS when a tragic incident happened to my family, but for the past few years in order to get to any beginning photography class I needed to take a bunch of drawing classes....and I'm awful at drawing.

PLEASE, anyone...I would appreciate your help.

zan901 at u. wash....
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I've applied to UW for gradschool, and I was curious as to how far people drive for school. I figure most people probably live on or near campus, but does anyone commute from Everett or the Mt Vernon area? I have family that lives in those two areas that have offered to let me stay with them if I'm accepted, but it seems like one hell of a commute, especially with traffic delays.
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If anyone is interested in joining a racquetball tournament, please respond to this message or email me at dabman@u.washington.edu.

Any skill level can be accepted into the tournament. All you have to do is play one game a week, the time of the game being completely up to you and your opponent. If you have any questions on how the ladder-tournament style works, email me or read below.


UW Undergraduate Racquetball Ladder Collapse )