February 21st, 2005


If anyone got the "pickaprof.com" e-mail on their webpine account, my dad just sent me this back:

Pickaprof.com is a service that will sell your email address to businesses for a
profit because they target University students. If you want more unwanted
solicitation email then sign up because you are asking for it in the fine print.

~There is no free service, always a catch with anything that says it's Free.

Just to let you all know. I hope I'm not too late.

Also, I lost my Husky Card on Friday on the Seattle Campus. My name is Lisa Dahl. If someone has found it I would really appreciate it back, please comment here or e-mail me at topazina@hotmail.com. Thank you for reading this!

(no subject)

Hey everyone! Just a few class questions as far as ECON 200 goes who is a good TA Chatterjee p, Oh k , Wang J, Nagajura D, Cheong J or does it even matter as the prof is leftler k? Does anyone know of a relatively easy VLPA for 5 credits I can take? Has anyone taken Greek and Roman Mythology 430 with Zangari? Is that class super difficult or not so bad? What about Epic Tradition 424 with Levaniouk? Any thoughts would be great!!! Thanks!