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Friday, February 18th, 2005

Subject:Dawgsled.com update!
Time:8:49 am.
Want to go to pullman?

If you are a student, Dawgsled.com is now offering subsidized tickets for the Ride to and from Pullman and game tickets.

If you are a student, all you need is your student ID. The cost is exactly the same for the Official student busses.

But on this bus, there is a banquet permit, which means, if you are over 21, you can drink alcohol.

go to www.Dawgsled.com to sign up for the 30$ package. Its a great deal!
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Subject:fri night
Time:10:50 am.
Any events going on around UW tonight?
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Subject:hey all
Time:1:30 pm.
Has anybody been to Steven's pass in the last week? And if yes could you give me a brief description of how the snow is looking? I am a little worried that it will be like snowqualmie (Rocks and dirt covered with a thin layer of snow) :'(
I know I can find info on the website but that doesnt tell me what the general coverage looks like.

And to make this UW related, I do not like 1101!
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Subject:just wondering..
Time:2:39 pm.
just wondering if anyone had anything to say about LSJ/POL S 363 Law in Society, or Law and Justice: an Introduction to Social Theory..it starts at 9 in the morning on T and Th, kind of a downer, but seems interesting. its being taught by Mc Cann and i just wanted some feedback perhaps on his teaching style (tolerable at 9am) and grading and content..thx.
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Subject:UW Lobby Day
Time:5:30 pm.
Brought to you by ASUW and Affordable Tuition Now!, Lobby Day 2005 will be March 1st down in Olympia. This is your chance to meet with legislators and talk about the issues affecting you as a student. With an increasing deficit and a governor who says she doesn't want to put in place new taxes, the legislators have their axes and higher education is a big ol' target. Like the idea of a 15 - 20% tuition increase for next year? Then come let them know!

And not to worry, the Faculty Senate has endorsed the event so unless you have a quiz, test, or lab that can't be made up you should be excused. (See their resolution here.) So come fight for lower tuition, enjyo a free breakfast and lunch, and meet your fellow UW students.

Visit www.uwlobbyday.org to sign up!
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Time:11:06 pm.
how was the drag competition? (for anyone that went tonight)

i was really mad i had to work instead of being able to go, but what did everyone think about it?
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