February 17th, 2005


Uh oh....

I've found another addicting website to take up too much of our time...


It has similar aspects of livejournal/facebook/myspace, and more.

I found about it through an email I got, some of you may have gotten the same one, from the creator of the site (a UW grad!).

Anyway, check it out! I've alrady signed up and looked around, it looks awesome!
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(no subject)

So, is Bio 180 gonna be hard if I haven't taken any biology since my freshman year of high school? Any recommended professors?

Edit: Thanks for all the advice guys, appreciate it. ^_^

this is weird....

so they just added this bit of info under soc 110 on the spring time schedule:


Has anyone seen this before? It seems like I need to go to the advising office before I can even sign up for it, which seems somewhat ridiculous.....
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Registration Question

Does anybody know what "plus 1 hour" means on the time schedule? I looked through their "guide to registration" and such, but didn't see any explanation of this. Does it mean they just haven't assigned the time for a quiz section yet or something? I just don't want to register for a class and then later find out it meets for another hour at a time that conflicts with one of my other classes.

(no subject)

hi, i'm roxanne and going to be a freshman next year but that's not important.

i'm filling out some scholarship applications and one asked for the address of uw. I don't know what to write. and i'm sure there's not just one address for the entirety of uw.. so..

yeah. help. thanks!

glass thingies???

i remember seeing something at the mall like this...but was wondering if there is still any place around seattle that has this: those glass cubes...like paperweights and such...that you can personalize and have people take a picture of your image and have a 3-d type image *inside* of that glass cube?? does anyone know what i'm talking about? sigh. any help is MUCH appreciated. thanks! :) sorry this isn't really uw related...but i'm getting sorta desperate. :)