February 16th, 2005

star wars

why is this campus so big?!

so next quarter i'll have a class in the OTB (oceanography teaching building, behind the health sciences building) and i'll have 10 minutes to walk to denny... is there a "fast" way to do this (like some sort of magic shuttle or transporter)? has anyone ever accomplished this feat? and would getting a bike make a big difference (with the locking up time and all)? any advice would be nice :(
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Up For Grabs: Loveseat

Hey kids,

I have a nice clean plushy stainless overstuffed loveseat that I'm putting up for grabs. It has lived a non-smoking and pets-free life, but perhaps it's time for it to have some fun.

I got it from a friend's grandparents who had bought it a 4-5 years ago. After they moved into a smaller place they no longer had room for it and were going to chuck it. I saved it from the dump thinking I would have room for it. But it simply takes up too much room in my bitty apartment above Magus Books.

If you think you could give it a new and exciting life and can pick it up, it's yours FOR FREE! (I can help you take it down the stairs.)

Respond here or email my username at Yahoo.


looking for housing next quarter?

if anyone is looking for a place off campus to live spring quarter, you my be interested in this offer.  i have a roommate spending spring quarter in italy, so we are trying to sublet her room.  the room is avalible march 31st- june 30th. rent is $375 a month, plus utilities. it's at 22nd & 47th, a 2 minute walk to campus. the room is funished, we have a balcony, and the three remaining roommates are great to live with. 

if anyone reading this needs a place, knows someone who does, or would like more details, then please comment. thanks!