February 15th, 2005


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Hey, quick question:

My bro's coming up to visit me next week, and he's interested in possibly pursuing a career in law. Being a communication/drama kid, I don't know much about those kinds of classes offered here. Does anyone have any information on a law related class that he might be able to sit in on either Thursday or Friday (the 24th/25th)?

Thanks in advance!
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This popped up on feministing, a blog I like. (To you know, clear my references and make my biases clear on this one.)

Anyhoo. There's an article on the National Review's website about the UW's own production of the Vagina Monologues, specifically, about the consent is sexy buttons which are handed out to 25% of attendees to represent that 1 in 4 women and 1 in 5 men will be sexually assualted in their lifetime.

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Consent doesn't always mean saying YES, it means the right to say NO as well. Thoughts?

Econ 301

Have any of you ever taken Econ 301 (macro) with Chung or Schreiber? Are they good? Can you understand them, i.e., speak the language well enough to communicate efficiently? Tell me what you can about them. They are both TAs and frankly, I'm not pleased with the TAs who teach upper level econ class. All the sections for 301 spring quarter are taught by TAs but if at all possible, I dont want to wait until fall quarter to take 301.

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missing husky card

~ So I seem to have lost my Husky Card yesterday. ah! I last remember having it to get on the bus- #65 (i think) from the U Village at 12:08pm, going to campus, and I got off on the Brooklyn/ NE Campus Pkwy stop on the corner.. and now I cant find it, I'll keep searching my stuff.. but if anyone finds a husky card belonging to Monika Salita, st # begins with 03, that would be me, so drop me a msg if you see anything, thanks.. or email at: salitam@u.washington.edu

Financial Aid & Dropping Classes

I was wondering if I would pretty much screw up my financial aid if I were to drop a class. What's going on is I have this class that I hate w/ a passion. I'd like to drop it. I currently am a full time student taking 15 credits. If I were to drop that class, would I be forced to start paying back loans and all that mumbo. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

Soc 110

Another annoying class question!
Has anyone taken Soc 110 with K. Stovel? Is she a good prof? I was just thinking of taking it with a writing link, and just wanted to know if you any of you guys took it and liked/hated it (with or without a writing link). Thanks for the time guys!