February 13th, 2005


TC 231?

Does anyone have any inputs on the engineering required course TC231? I plan on taking it next year, and right now im in ENG131 which isnt too bad. What is the time comitment for this course? Anyone. For each person that answers i will do a push-up.
Leary love

(no subject)

Could someone please tell me when registration begins for the upcoming quarter? I am a UW employee who is planning on taking a class so the process is all a little new to me. Thanks!

My Two Cents About The Daily

I felt the Daily's articles about sex were totally inappropriate and unnecessary for an "upstanding" educational institution's newspaper. Among the articles was one about "embarrassing" sex stories where students submit stories about their sexual experiences. Some of the stories included performing oral sex while parents entered the room, queefing, and a few others.

When I pick up a university's newspaper, I expect there to be content in it appropriate to read on campus and not have students feel awkward or embarrassed while reading the paper in class, on break, or at lunch.

I can see these stories being printed in Savage Love, The Stranger, or any alternative magazine, but not one at a university. There is a line you have to draw when it comes "educational" newspapers. I'm surprised that article wasn't edited out.

After reading what the Daily had to offer, I don't feel like the UW is the place for me if that's the content of the school newspaper. I'm sure a lot of prospective students will feel the same way after reading the paper. It isn't good publicity for the school and is just plain obscene and inappropriate in general.


(no subject)

Hey all. I'm a prospective transfer student looking at the U (and other local universities) to complete my undergrad education as well as the School of Law for my postgrad education. I have a friend already at the U that is considering transferring to another local school because she is under the assumption that the Law school will not admit UW students unless they have extremely competitive grades and LSAT scores. According to her, there is some law or policy that requires the school to admit non-UW students, but the Law school just decided to say "screw it" and made UW student enrollment extremely competitive.

Sounds really fishy I know, but I'd rather not take any chances with my education. Can anyone verify or discount this rumor?