February 12th, 2005


does anyone have a favorite spanish teacher? i learn mostly through conversation and writing...
strangely enough, audatory methods of teaching do NOTHING for me.

i like spanish professors who force class participation and ask students to answer questions.

i plan on taking spanish 103 in the summer but wanted to get a good idea of preferable teachers

oh yeah, and professors who grade easy are always nice too

Swivel Chairs... WHEEEEEEEE!

Does anybody know where I can find one of these for sale at a retail/furniture store:

In the Seattle area mainly U-District/Northgate area for relatively cheap... not $110.00 like on the tattoo supplies website? Your help would be greatly appreciated.

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does anyone happen to know if you can retrieve mail from webpine on a t-mobile sidekick?

the settings work fine for outlook express on my computer, but i'm having problems getting it to work on the sidekick.


**ALSO** where do i get the download for the direct connect software?