February 8th, 2005

acceptance date

i'm trying to convince a friend that his acceptance letter isn't coming abnormally late, but i made the mistake of telling him when i got my letter which was far earlier since i applied before the priority deadline.

so for those of you who applied after december 1st and remember, when did you get your acceptance letter?
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long shot, but...

does anyone happen to have a ticket for macbeth tomorrow night that they'd be willing to switch with me (i have a ticket for thursday night). Some complications came up that would make wednesday a whole lot more convenient for me to see the show, rather than thursday. if you do, please comment, or email me at kayw13@u.washington.edu. Thanks!!
The Vu

Wazzu Roadtrip

Hello Dawg Fans!!

Everyone should be going over to Wazzu for the basketball game. We want more purple than crimson over there! Sign up and get on the bus!


2 busses already full of Dawgpackers through Husky Marketing already. This bus is for the non-dawgpackers! If you want to just buy a ticket through it, and roadtrip in your own car, you can do that too!

The Husky Band is even going!!

You want to be a part of the action!
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secret shopper job?

I was just wondering, has anyone else gotten those " do you need a job: then become a secret shopper for us" emails? Because I got one, and I have no clue whether I should think of it as legit or not... it seems too good to be true, .. I just don't know.. Has anyone done this sort of thing before? Or know someone who has, etc? Thanks for the input

... oh if only I wasnt such a broke hoe.. hah

-- oh and I got the email from some guy.. Bradley.. something .. www.secret-shopping.biz .. or something like that

Naughty & Not So Nice Gift Exchange

If you're looking to something fun to do to get you in the mood for Valentine's Day...

The Naughty and Not So Nice Gift Exchange!

Bring a Wrapped Gift Under 10 dollars and come at 7 PM THIS THURSDAY to HUB 200A!

I anticipate it'll be good times.
AND 80s night at Neighbours (a gay club) afterwards! Neighbours is now 18+ on thursdays
Invite your friends, lovers, partners
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