February 2nd, 2005


Seattle history community

I've started a local history community for anyone interested: seattlehistory. I figure there have to be a lot of folks here interested in the topic, from you proud Seattle natives to us more recent arrivals ... not to mention a lot of kids in classes that would like to have a historically-oriented community to bounce ideas off of.

If you're interested, go ahead and join, and feel free to post about any research into local history you're doing or any help you want from other folks. Posting historical images is also tres cool. Family histories are great too! It's all about learning and sharing, so go check it out.


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Husky Road trip to Pullman

Hello Dawg Fans,

Thought this post would be appropiate for this community, as it deals
with UW Basketball.

Matt Winberry, is setting up a bus trip in a luxury Gray Line charter
bus to Pullman, for the FEB 19th game against WSU

You can buy Round Trip tickets on the bus and game tickets at the


There is also a FAQ, as well as an itinerary.
Come on Dawgs lets get on the bus and make some noise!
Questions? Email address: uwhoopsroadtrip@hotmail.com

Anyone that buys in, I'll buy you a beer :) at the Coog or Shakers.
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This is something I just recently found out and thought other people might want to know. I'm not sure who it would apply to--

I took an AP course and thus was able to skip the beginning of a sequence of courses, starting at a college not UW. When I got to UW, my AP scores hadn't been sent. This affected registration for anything that required that class; I had to continually go and ask permission of various departments to register for the class. Instead of having to pay for my AP scores to be sent AGAIN to somewhere, though, I was able to go to the AP offices and just request that I get AP credit for that course; super easy. I don't know what subjects they'll do it for, though. Mine was for math.

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This is a quick note to please remind students about Thursday's (Feb. 3) Public Service and Non-Profit Opportunities Fair, which will be held from 3-6 p.m. in Mary Gates Hall Commons. Fifty-plus organizations will be on hand to speak with students about jobs, internships and volunteer opportunities. The fair is sponsored by the UW Center for Career Services, the Carlson Leadership & Public Service Center, The Evans School of Public Affairs, The Program on the Environment & The School of Social Work.

WHAT; Public Service and Non-Profit Opportunities Fair
WHEN: Wednesday, February 3
WHERE: Mary Gates Hall Commons

Participating organizations include:
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im a little nutty

i am one of the evidently many in this community who obsess over time schedules. well... the enrollment summaries are up in every department... they just arent linked to any uw site.

last night i went and picked out my schedule.
how to:
1) go to winter 2005 time sched, select department
2) go to the enrollment summary on the right top corner
3)youll get an address like https://sdb.admin.washington.edu/timeschd/uwnetid/tsstat.asp?QTRYR=WIN+2005&CURRIC=ENGL
now replace the WIN with SPR to get https://sdb.admin.washington.edu/timeschd/uwnetid/tsstat.asp?QTRYR=SPR+2005&CURRIC=ENGL

now if youre just looking at gen reqs or something this coudl take a while. however, if like me, youre just trying to find a few specific classes or looking within your major, this isnt too difficult.

ofcourse, im used to using enrollment summaries instead of the regular ole time sched anyways.. (its always accurate while the time sched only gets updated like once a day)
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Sports Illustrated On Campus issues

I was just wondering where I can get the issues. I've seen them on the tables in Physics Astronomy A, but I've never noticed them anywhere else. My roommate said she thinks they're by Suzzallo and another person said they were everywhere the Daily is. I personally am really lazy and don't want to walk all over so I thought I would ask here to see if people know where I can get it. Thanks!
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02.04.05 Friday 7:30P
UW Students for Fair Trade and The Vera Project Present:
- Anna Oxygen
- Crime In Choir
- Charity Stripe
- DJ Jizosh

$7 General Public/ $6 with Vera club card

“Students for Fair Trade at the University of Washington is hosting a show at the Vera Project Friday February 4th with Crime in Choir, Ana Oxygen, and The Charity Stripe. The event hopes to engage youth in issues of the developing world and potential solutions to its amounting problems. With the devastating effects of the tsunami in Southeast Asia, social scientists have made it clear that the economic conditions of the region have only predisposed the people to a more severe aftermath. As basic human needs are not being met to maintain the majority of the world's livelihoods, it's become increasingly important to question where the source of our goods comes from and whether or not these producers are earning enough to live. Such crucial issues will determine the direction our world will head in, and the youth movement is essential to guiding it, as these problems will be ours to inherit."
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This all ages event will feature The Skanks, Soul Merchants, Local Beat Boys and Beat Girls (break dancing), The Morning After and guest DJs AJ and Rick as well as various spoken word artists. All proceeds will be donated to SEVA. SEVA is a relatively small organization and not receiving vast donations.They have a long history of utilizing small village oriented centers and can reach the thousands affected by the tsunami that are not able to travel to larger distribution centers.
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husky tickets

does anyone want a ticket to tomarrow night's game?
i don't really care if i get paid for it or not, i just want someone to use it! well, ok, so maybe like... i dunno, $7? less than it's worth anyway, i just kinda want something for it. whatever you can pay i guess.
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Art art art

Did anyone else see the inflatable art on the Quad around 12:30pm today? Did anyone happen to snap a picture??

It was really fantastic, especially the octopus. It totally made my day!