January 31st, 2005

quequito estrellas

men's basketball

i have a ticket to the usc game on thursday that it looks like i can't use now, sadly enough.
would anyone be willing to trade me for any other game this season? anything except arizona state? i'll trade you the ticket i have now for a game you've got, plus some money?
i REALLY don't want to not go to this game just beucase of some kids i wanted to be able to see play, but even though i'll still be missing out on usc no matter what it looks like, i'm hoping to not go to one less husky game altother. does anyone know if i can trade tickets somewhere, or actually themselves have any ticket they'd be willing to trade? please?


whoa guys... where is this time schedule that was promised to be online jan 31st? hmmm?

i'm a little impatient... or maybe bored is a better word!
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spring quarter classes

I am taking my MCAT in spring and next quarter, I am also taking the last quarter of biochem, physics and physics lab and doing undergrad research. I am looking for a pretty easy 3-5 credit vlpa or i&s class which I can pay LITTLE or NO attention to in the first three weeks of the quarter. Anyone have any good suggestions? Thanks in advance :)
Sun Bear

lost book... oops...

As a clueless commuter freshman, I made one of the worst student mistakes possible: that of losing one's own textbook. This one is the Complete Works of Shakespeare, 5th edition, edited by David Bevington. My question to you all is twofold:

1. Have any of you found it? (long shot, but I should ask anyway)
2. What is the best way to go about recovering a lost textbook on campus, if there is any good way? (another long shot, but I thought I might as well try it out to see if there's some cure-all for brainless blunderers like me)

Thanks, and I hope you all aren't as airheaded as I am!