January 30th, 2005



Does anybody know the address you give for sending packages up to the dorms? Particularly Haggett? I want something delivered but it wants a physical address rather than a box number.

International House?

Has anyone had any experiences good or bad with the international house?
I'll be a freshment this fall, and this seems like something I would definitely be interested in, but can't find very much information about it on the HFS website.



Any UW skaters?


I'm looking to get into skateboarding, but I have no idea where to go to buy a deck and everything else. And since I don't know anything, I don't want to go to a skate shop and be pressured into buying the more expensive of something and I won't have the faintest idea about anything. Can someone give me some ideas where to go and possibly what to buy. This would be my first one and I have no experience whatsoever. Please give me some suggestions!

Sorry this isn't UW-related, but I have no idea who else to ask besides my fellow peers at UW. Sorry if this annoys anyone.