January 29th, 2005


lost and confused...

ummm... i need help... i'm gonna copy and paste what i typed in my journal because its 6.40am in texas and i think if i try to type anymore i might die... i'm so exhausted...

so i've also decided that i need to start looking for an apartment in the seattle area. i will be living hopefully close to campus and a friend of mine said i should probably do the UDistrict... whatever that means... i would like a two bedroom for myself, however... i would probably then need to find a roommate, and i would rather not have one of those. i've never lived in an apartment before and would much rather rent a house somewhere. i am going to look into that... the houses are usually just as much to rent if you get it in a bad side of town, i'm used to living in the ghetto so it should be no problem LOL. i dunno but i'm going to look at a few places so that i can go look at these places while i'm in seattle.

so my seattle trip looks like this: i will be leaving san antonio after work on sunday 2.20.05 and probably coming back on 2.24.05... i need to find a flight for this... i want to get into seattle on a sunday night so i can rest up and hit the streets on monday and start sight-seeing and looking at the school and apartments and things... I'M SO EXCITED!!

anyways, i'm looking for flights now... i cant find anything i need... i found one thing... but i dont know, i'll need to talk to some friends of mine in the seattle/marysville area.

so... when i move there for good... i'm going to be driving up and that alone will be hell... i will be leaving on 8.28.05, my parents and i will probably hang out when we get up there (four days later probably lol) and then on 9.1.05 i will move into my new apartment... HOW EXCITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!! seven months to go!! :D

so i put in seattle search for rent.com... i chose dog and cats okay... i came up with this... and only this... within reasonable price range of course...
Westview Apartment Homes
(866) 550-7928 ext. 1088
2525 14th Avenue South
Seattle, WA 98144
Managed by: American Management Services
there is no picture... *shrugs* as long as i have tina and i'm close to school i guess it doesnt matter... anyone from seattle... would this be close to school? (UW)
i need to post in a seattle forum i've decided.
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Hey all --- I am contemplating buying a new laptop computer soon and I was wanted to get the opinions of what types, brands etc. have really been good for student use here at the UW. I know that technically this is not strictly UW related, but since I really do want to know about computers that are good for student uses, I thought it might apply. If it you all feel that it totally doesn't apply, feel free to delete my post or whatnot.

Right now I have an older Dell and I have liked it quite a bit, except that it's hinges broke and the touch pad went bad (battery is also bad, but that might be my fault). Right now, I am leaning towards Toshiba, but will not buy a compaq or HP. Also can't do the Mac thing, as much as I would like to I am a PC girl.

So, what I am interested in is:
good brands
good models
something with decent speakers
something with a DVD burner
I should have about $1,500 saved up to spend (hopefully) but the time I get around to buying it.

Thanks a bunch!
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finally figured out how to post to UW community. There's a little box and you have to move that little arrow slightly to choose to post to uw instead of the self journal.
anyone live in or near stevens and learning guitar? and/or anyone feel like bestowing guitar know-how on a 3-yr novice? I feel like jamming with peeps. I tried once with a viola girl in lander last year and neither of us new how to make our instruments play nice with one another.