January 27th, 2005

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the russian house (aka 2104 house) will be taken over by the germans next year... sad day.
i support a scorched earth policy: we'll leave them only with remnants of asbestos.

how many germans could there possibly be at this school that want to live in a giant shitty house together?!?! i can tell you for a fact that there's no russians living here, so what gives?
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HFS food acceptability

So for the people living near or dining at the new Terry Cafe, we know that the food has been extremely unhealthy and overpriced. Well, today i hade a meal that consisted of a 4oz grilled chicken breast, steamed broccoli, and sauteed spinach. This was by far the most delicious and healthy meal i have had at the 1101. So i guess i applaud 1101 for the great selection for lunch. Unfortunately it did cost me 6 bucks, but im willing to pay there expensive prices if good healthy food is served. Now that i've had something good, i am expecting more meals with healthier selections and not the oil-glazed potatoes they love to serve. I guess ironically, the other entree being served at the 4 Corners was a 1/2lb bacon avocado cheese burger...
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Friendly Reminder

Don't forget:

Fill out your FAFSA by February 15th so they can have it by the 28th (straight off your myuw, if you ever check that thing) and so that everyone else can be relatively happy.
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This Saturday at The Mirabeau Room!

Saturday, 1/29 - Globalista! @ The Mirabeau Room ($7/ ladies free before 11pm) - The latest in modern global dance hits from around the globe, with a focus on South Asian and Arabic beats.

Address and phone number:
529 Queen Anne Ave N.
Seattle, WA

Anyone want to go with me?


UW Community Etiquette

Hey gang,

Recently there have been a number of questions as to what is appropriate here and what is not. These are questions that have been raised before and, rather than repeat their answers, I will use the magic of the Interweb and link to them. The UW Community Code of Conduct is a good start and required reading for anyone who wishes to make a post on this community. Given the fact that there are so many members, a bit of decorum should be followed when making a post. Another resource for proper posting habits is the info page for the community itself. This page details in specific terms what is and is not appropriate to post about.

This community is the oldest community on Livejournal, and has been going strong for over four years. By keeping the signal to noise ratio high, we can all ensure everyone has a good time and things stay in control. If you have any questions about the appropriateness of a post, don't hesitate to comment on that post or send an e-mail to the community moderators.


The Management
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has anyone here ever taken any of the climbing classes offered at the ima? if so, were they pretty decent?

i learned to boulder over this last summer, but am still really new to a lot of things climbing. i was thinking of possibly taking the orientation class, or the women on rocks class (as i don't know a thing about belaying or roping), but don't know if the classes are any good/useful.

Regarding art space

I am taking an art class with the experimental college but I am not taking any UW art classes. Would it be possible to use the Art Building as studio space? It's fairly inconvinient to work on oil paitings in my dorm room.