January 26th, 2005

Marching Ele
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I've decided that I really want to laugh really hard, so please, if you've got a good joke, post it. It's middle of the quarter, and we can probably all use a good laugh. So do your good deed of the day and post a joke.

dell desktops

when is the best time to get a dell computer? i saw the deals on the dell website...and it's 10-20% off the desktops...and i was just wondering if the deals can get any better? thanks!

Copying keys

Hey all. I'm writing a psych paper on common illegal college behaviors that people engage in, that are not things they have done before college, and are not things they would do after. Like underage drinking, stuff like that--stuff that is connected to the college experience. One thing I was thinking that would fall into this area is getting dorm keys copied, to give a copy to your girl//boyfriend or whatever. Or finding keys to common areas and making copies for your friends. So I am not actually planning to do this! It is purely academic.

So, is it possible to take University keys anywhere around here and have them copied? Like dorm keys? What about keys that don't say "do not duplicate," but they are University keys--will any place copy those? I guess I am trying to get an idea of how often this happens, or how easy it is to do. Anything you got on this subject would be great. Thanks.

Coke Day at The 8

So, does anybody know how this coke day thing works? I was under the impression that students were supposed to be able to spin some sort of wheel to win prizes both during lunch and during dinner. I was just there at 1:30 pm, and there was no wheel. I bought one of those small coke bottles though just for the novelty.
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Would anyone anywhere know how I can obtain a karaoke version of Barry Manilow's "Copacabana"? I just need the one track for a project, and I don't want to buy a whole CD of Manilow, as much as I'm sure he's a fine singer in his own right.

In lieu of digital solutions, I've already tried removing the voice track from a regular version, but that process is a pain and results in crappy song quality, at least the way I tried it. If anyone happens to be proficient at that or knows of a UW department has cool computers enabled to edit music/movies, please chime in as well.

Thanks in advance.
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-To branch off of the more recent "whats your major" topic.. I was wondering, is going to grad school at the same school where one went to undergrad "frowned upon" or looked down on? aka.. graduating the uw and staying here for grad school? I love the uw, I couldn't see myself going to Pullman (or elsewhere, at this time) for grad school, even though I hear their Com program is rather good.. I've got pleeeeenty of time to worry about this later though.. just a thought I wanted to throw out there
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Okay, so this is to residents of the dorms, specifically Lander. It says that Floors 2,3,4 are supposed to take the stairs and not the elevator, because really, it's almost ridiculous for people to ride up 1 or 2 floors. I will make an exception for the fourth floor people for riding up, because that's an annoying amount of stairs to walk up everytime, but if I am pressing the floor buttons and you are from 2 or 3 please note I will not press 2 or 3. I do not care if you are overweight, that gives me more incentive to not press the button, you could use the excersize. If your weight is a problem apply for a handicapped room, they are on the first floor so you do not have to walk up any stairs or ride the elevator at all. It also especially does not help that as we are arriving at the fourth floor for another passenger you throw a hissy fit and swipe your card to try to get to floor 3 although we have already past it and then decide that you are doing some amazing by deciding to walk down one flight of stairs and calling me an asshole, real big of you, and just because I'm annoyed about it, real "big" of you.
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Any New Soc Majors?

Just wanted to know if anyone else attended the SOC major orientation today. I thought it was a big waste of time considering that we got nothing physical out of it! I wish they had at least given us some paperwork or something!
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(no subject)

Heyy, I just wanted to Thank everyone who posted about my comment on the elevators, you people are hilarious, even the holier than thou's who don't live with this everyday and also have nothing better to do than to insult people on livejournal, I like it though, although it's not very constructive critism, all is welcome otherwise I wouldn't have posted. I had a great time! Anywayys, I have a question, I am taking humanities 102 and it can count for W, VLPA, I&S or NW credit, so is there a point when I have to choose which one I want it to be?