January 25th, 2005

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Does anyone on here have anything to say about being an RA? What is it like, pros, cons, who would be well-suited for it, is it fun, is it hard, etc... Also, has anyone gone through the interview/scenario process for the position? I'm set to be interviewed next Saturday and was just wondering if anyone had any tips.
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Has anyone noticed that apparently Pres Emmert is on thefacebook.com..? Because I was just browsing through some friends, and I'm connected to him through 2 of my friends.. either this shows that the facebook is spreading like wildfire throughout all college campuses, or someone has decided to use Pres. Emmert as an alias, I have yet to figure out which option is correct. Strange how at least 3 of his friends are former MRHS students, eh.. sure is interesting though


Hello. My name's Lisa, and I am putting out a call to musicians ( i don't know anybody yet!) at UW who feel like playing together or getting to know new people. I've been playing guitar since I was 8, and also sing pretty well. kind of write a few songs. I'm into basic good songwriters (joni mitchell, dylan, the band, ani, lucinda willaims, etc) but like genre mixing. I am hoping some cool folks will reply. It has been a long time since I've met anyone looking to jam, or maybe to collaborate with for a song or two at the Trabant Open Mic on 45th. I'm particularly interested in finding *women* musicians who can harmonize and maybe play something -other- than guitar (key board, drumming, a tin can and a stick, whatever), but if you're a respectful laid back dude then please comment! I would describe myself as a strong intermediate guiatarist hoping for friends who can play something other than the first five chords of "Redemption Song". I don't have a studio, other than a crappy 4 track, but reply if you feel like singing on my fire escape sometime. Obviously midterms are approaching and everyone is busy, but you know. Thanks! :)

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The Night Ride service is awesome, if you're on campus late, i suggest you use it:

it runs ever 15 min, and even if you live on a bus line only UW people are able to use the night ride, so no wierdos

The Night Ride will drop you off within a mile of campus. Just let the driver know where you need to get off when you hop on board. If your home is outside of the one-mile radius you may be dropped off at an intersection to transfer to a local bus or walk the rest of the way home.