January 18th, 2005

  • dabman

Western Washington

Is anyone driving to Western Washington U this weekend? I was wanting to go up Friday late morning and then come back to uw on saturday night (get some skiing @ Mt. Baker in). I would pay for all the gas money, plus a pitstop for some food (provided you're not driving a 8mpg hummer).
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  • infekt_

(no subject)

just thought i'd give some props to those in whatever-department/major-it-is that makes/puts together the main components for electronics - stuff like computers, mp3 players, etc.

that shit is mad crazy.
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(no subject)

So, this is only marginally UW related, but hey, I'm getting a little desperate here...

Anyone able to provide the services of a pickup truck (or other vehicle capable of transporting a matress) for.. well, a short period of time? Trip to Madison Park area (over by Lake Washington), then 2 minutes to load said matress, then to 47th and brooklyn?

Moving in isn't working as well as planned...

If you feel like being charitable, and have the necessary vehicle, respond or email me.

  • jameth

(no subject)

how long do you wait until you declare your prof/instructor/etc. "no-show" or whatever? is there a UW policy for this type of thing?

FYI i waited 15 minutes & it is a 2hr20min class and he is generally there loitering in the classroom about 20-30 minutes beforehand. he wasn't today.