January 12th, 2005

math and hockey

hey hey, i'm looking for a couple of things:

1) calculus book for math 124. particularly the 5th edition with the cds and whatnot. just let me know how much you want for it and we can work something out.

2) 1 hockey ticket for the UW vs University of Oregon game this weekend. you know, the free tickets they were giving out at the residence hall desks... i only need one more! they were free, but i'll pay up to $5 for one.

rock on
  • seckzee

Writing Credits?

Hi, I know its a little early, but I need five more writing credits for my major. I was wondering if anyone had suggestions for good classes to take. Currently I am a communication major and I was thinking of signing up for COM 359, but if there was a really good W course, I would like to know about it! I am also considering majoring in sociology, so if anyone knows of W classes in sociology, that would be great too! Thanks!