January 11th, 2005

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Heya, I'm new to this community and hopefully new to Seattle come August. I've applied to UW's Masters of Public Health Epidemiology program. Anyone else applying or in grad school in here? or Public Health? I'm from small town Oklahoma so I'm sure it's going to be quite a surprise to be up in Seattle. I have some questions I've been wondering about though...

+I've been reading past entries and ya'll talk about quarters? I'm use to semesters which are from august-dec and jan.-may. Do ya'll just have 'short' semesters? someone explain this to me.

+I've been looking online like at apartments.com and such websites to begin searching for a place to live. What is the best area that is close enought to campus to walk yet is safe? Oh yeah, and a place that allows small dogs. I have a 15 lbs. baby, her name is Mona and I need a place that will allow her. Any suggestions? websites? contacts to help me along this route?

+What are some key things that I need to know or be prepared for before making the move to Seattle and to UW?

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Does anyone need a roommate? I have a spacious 2 bedroom apartment with a view of Lake Union in Wallingford. Big kitchen, lots of cabinet space, 2 walk-in closets in your room, washer and dryer in the room next door. It's a really cute and safe neighborhood and it's $900 split two ways including water, garbage and utilities...excluding cable and electricity. I also have an adorable 8 month old kitten. Let me know if you're interested!!!
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Double the Questions! Double the Fun!

So has anyone here actually filled out the "summer internships opportunity" papers you get handed to you in what seems like every class at the beginning of every quarter? I always figured it was a bunch of crap but wondered what the people that do sign up ever end up doing anyways?

and has anyone here had a language partner? good/bad? I kinda want to sign up for one but I'm ridiculously afraid of new things.
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Could anyone direct me to the site or phone number or something about how to enter a team into the relay for life that'll be in the husky stadium. other than cancer.org. I wasnt able to find that even on the website, but there is a banner up in red square. is anyone here involved?

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Have any of you tried to find, or have found a long-lost someone? Beyond just googling the person's name or searching under yahoo people.

Can you give me any advice or tips on how to do that? Has anyone used NetDetective before?

I know this isn't 100% UW related but I'm hoping someone can lead me in the right direction. Maybe there are some resources on campus or something that I don't know about?

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Hi, I am interested in applying as a transfer student to UW and just had a couple questions. First off I was wondering how hard it is to get in as a transfer student from out of state and if you'd recommend the school to others. Also, how is their financial aid? Thanks in advance!
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Just in case anyone happens to know the heights of some stuff on campus.. or happens to be taking Astro 101.. so we have to calculate the height of the PAB and the Obilisk in Red Sq.. and from my (probably crappy) calculations, I figured the Physics/astro building is ~130 ft tall and that the Obilisk is ~31 ft tall. Does anyone by chace have any clue if this could be remotely true or not... I know the obilisk is tall, but 30 ft tall? hm.