January 10th, 2005

Lab Coat

Hello all. I was taking Chem 142, but when I found out that it wouldn't cout for anything other than electives, I dropped it right away. I've sold the books back, but now I'm stuck with this lab coat. I've never worn it. I took it out of it's packaging, and put it on a hanger, and there it sat until I had put it back into it's packaging a few days ago. I also have a pair of goggles that I have used for a previous chemistry class, but they are in fine condition. I would let go of the pair for $15 if anyone is interested. If you only want one of the two, we can talk price when you e-mail me (don't bother posting a reply on here, just e-mail me using the e-mail listed in my user info.).
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free food @ chipotle!!

hey- i'm sure not everybody reads the daily but Chipotle on the Ave is giving out free food (either a burrito or tacos and a pop) to anybody with a UW id. The line is kinda long but it moves fast. The food goes until 10pm tonight and they're planning on serving till then!!
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For those considering coming to Historical Fencing Club for a one night fling, there is no better night than tomorrow at Hutchinson Rm 202. Of all the rooms we have ever been in, Hutchinson 202 is by far the best, large large room, tall celling.

So come by Hutchinson 202 at 5:30pm - 7:30pm. Let the poking begin!

pssst...and if you are good by summer, Cecil (the teacher) might recommend you to fight in the tournement hosted by Academia della Spada (google that).

And you don't need to bring your own sword or mask unless you have one and wanted to share it glory. They are provided. However, do try to bring gloves. It makes the experience that much more enjoyable. :-)

Summer at the U

I'm a freshman at the UW originally from California and I'm interested in staying in Seattle and taking classes and getting work at the University (through work study?) for summer quarter. I'm wondering how easy it would be to get a campus job for summer quarter and take, probably a part-time class schedule. I'm hoping to get some requirements out of the way like foreign language (FRENCH 103) and maybe some NW credits, so what's the breadth of classes offered in summer? Campus jobs to look into? Or any suggestions about how to approach this situation would be helpful.
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