January 9th, 2005

hugh laurie
  • aurens

of cloaks and daggers

Come join in the UW Historical Fencing Club! We meet every tuesday from 5:30pm to 7:30pm. Member dues are not $20 but $25 a month (still a steal if you ask anyone who takes fencing lessons). Email Kathryn Patton at onehorn@u.washington.edu to be added to our email list. Because we are a relatively new club (since its birth last summer), we have yet to eSTABlish ourselves so we have trouble finding a room large enough to people to wave at swords at each other. Kate will try to email people on mondays, if not at least sometime tuesday to tell you where the room will be.

for more info such as terminology, related links to equipment and Academia della Spada, check out
fleur de lys

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I'm thinking the answer is yes but just to make sure: Denny hall is still open during its renovation right? Because I need to visit the LLC and watch some french newscasts for this week..