January 6th, 2005

Yo Gabb Gabba

BOO to the new starbucks

so for helping clean the lab counter tops at work someone bought me a drink at Starbucks. It was the new Ave location(4147 University Way) in U-District and when I got my drink and sat back down in the office surprise! there was a FINGERNAIL that looked like it had been chewed off by the barista IN my drink. Thank god I dont gulp my coffee so I didnt swallow it, instead I got to have it caught in between my lips! Everytime I go into this location their line is to the door, they either forget my drink or dont even know what a steamer is to begin with, they're slow, etc. Here's to NOT recommending that starbucks location.

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best places to sleep on campus? i am talking about anything from a 1-hour nap to a full 8-hours of overnight rest. is odegaard the only place to do that?

my favorite is the top floor of the engineering library

please advise

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what is the going standar for downloads now? napster's dead, kazaa has too much adware, etc. there was some uw file share network a couple years ago, but i'm not sure if that got closed down or whatever.
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I expected there would be some info on scholarships in the memories but I didn't really see much of anything so here we go!

I am your basic over-achieving out-of-state middle class student who would like to take some of UW's money! I have gotten scholarship offers from other schools, so maybe that could be used as leverage. I know I have to fill out FAFSA before UW will consider any sort of monetary finagling, but I was wondering what to expect. Would you please share your experiences/thoughts/tips/suggestions/etc. ? I'd much appreciate it. Thanks a lot!


planned parenthood condoms

Q: I read an article in Consumer Reports about condoms, and Planned Parenthood condoms got mixed reviews. Why?

Consumer Reports tested three types of Planned Parenthood condoms by filling them with pressurized air for an article comparing 23 different condoms. The same tests and standards, however, were used to judge condoms that differed widely in size, thickness, and lubrication. Widely different results from air-burst, not real-life, testing were inevitable.

In fact, two of the Planned Parenthood condoms that got very different scores are only packaged differently — they are, in fact, made with exactly the same formula. One scored "excellent." The other, exactly the same formulation, only scored "fair." While the third product scored a comparative "poor," all the condoms tested, including the three styles of Planned Parenthood condoms, were shown to be acceptable within industry standards.

Our condoms are quality condoms that have consistently met or exceeded industry standards when tested by the manufacturer, the FDA, or independent testing laboratories. The Consumer Reports article prompted us to arrange further independent tests of the same lots of condoms that Consumer Reports tested. In fact, we went further than Consumer Reports and tested every one of our Planned Parenthood condom styles. We are proud to say that our condoms passed these stringent tests with flying colors.

We do want to thank Consumer Reports for including us in this article and for recognizing, in a companion article, our role as a trusted provider of services and information for sexual and reproductive health care.

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There's a bird trapped in that cement patio within McCarty for the past couple days, with an obviously broken wing. I informed the front desk about it, and they said it would be handled by the campus animal control group. They couldn't provide any other details. Out of curiousity: does anyone know about this group? What do they usually do with injured animals they recover?

I'd also love to know why someone who lives in that dorm didn't report it before me, but that's another rant. Thanks for any info.
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first off, thanks for the help that i needed in picking a class to satisfy some elective credits that i needed to graduate - i ended up taking drama 252.

however, i now need some ideas from anyone and everyone about what monologues to do for a monologue (or two) that i'll have to present tuesday/thursday. it would be interesting to see what people have done before, or interesting monologues that i might not otherwise have thought of. let me know!

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Please if you havent renewed or vacated your basket from fall quarter at the IMA please do that tomorrow!!

That would make the locker room staff's job a LOT easier. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors and tell your cluster mates. If you cant make to the IMA tomorrow you can call and put a hold on your basket:

Men's Locker Room (206) 543-2332
Women's Locker Room (206) 543-7234

Curse all of you who did not renew or vacate your baskets, I know theres a whole damn lot of you.