January 4th, 2005

another sale, i know... annoying!

staying with the VW theme..

I have an amazing 1973 volkwagen super beetle for sale! runs great, needs a paint job but that's about it. right now it's a rainbow and a cute one at that!! has a rebuilt engine along with a bunch of other stuff.... all receipts are available! My mechanic found absolutely nothing wrong with it and I never had any problems! If you're interested, please e-mail me or reply with a comment and your contact info and I will send you pictures! Such a classic!

Price: $1800 o.b.o.

Thank you!
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Does anyone have an open space for a roommate (me) to move in to in Terry or Lander Hall? I am adaptable to just about any kind of living situation, preferably someone who does study some of the time, also preferably a double, but right now I need to get out of my room so a triple will also do, or even if you know about any singles open. Any response soon as possible would be great, my situation is really bad and awkward right now so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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For sale:

Principles of Microeconomics - Silberberg 4th Edition

Annual Editions World Politics 04/05
Essential Readings In World Politics - Mingst/Snyder 2nd Edition
Pols 203 reading packet if it's being used this quarter

best offer


And I've already been an idiot victim. There's an e-mail being sent by personalbanking@wamu.com saying that you account my be in jeapordy. My friend got it and she doesn't even have a Washington Mutual account. I basically signed away my fucking bank account to these assholes and have already been robbed of over $500. It's being sent to UW addresses. Watch out. And if you've done this and filled it out and not seen your account balance recently, you might want to look because you too could have been a victim of fraud.
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to the guy...

who stole money out of my backpack this morning in bagley...
and then came and talked to me for ten minutes...

FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

dont even pretend like it wasnt you... i know it was.

to everyone else...
HI! hope your having a good quarter and love (or at least like) your classes =)
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Does anyone have some good fiction they would recommend that deals with genetics or/and human evolution? I don't care if it's for or against. Any info appreciated!
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Textbook Exchange

Hey, everyone. Since U-match.net and the Textbook Exchange board in the HUB are down, you can use the new Textbook Exchange online to buy & sell books. The site is hosted by the Indian Student Association, but I don't know if they run it. I just came across the site at work today.

I know Washpirg started a site too, but I can't remember the URL. It's on a big poster on the right side of Kane hall. Hope this helps.