December 30th, 2004

where do I go from here?

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For those that have taught classes, is it possible to FORGET to turn in one student's grade? Or do you have to turn in everyone's grades at the same time? I haven't gotten a grade in one of my classes, and I'm wondering whether I should email the professor or not.
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possible future student

i applied to UW recently and IF i get accepted i hope to go there.. its all a big "if" though.

i am just curious, a lot of people where i live in the recent years have gone down to uw with a friend and roomed with them in the dorms. i guess you could pretty much say i'm really nervous about the dorm situation and meeting new people especially since its such a large school. i was just wondering, in your situations and if you lived in the dorms or not, was it actually pretty easy to meet new people ? i'm just kind of afraid since i hear that a lot of people go there with a friend or two in hand and i have no one who i consider a friend from here intended to go there. also, i have a friend right now that lives in mcmahon (sp?) and said that it was really hard to get to meet lots of people in that dorm because its a cluster system so she really only got to meet a handful of people or so ? is that true ?

thanks !