December 29th, 2004

objects in space (credit: courvidae @ li

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Along the same lines as the last post, does any one know of any good hair salons in the U-District that do unnatural color (violet, blue, green) dye jobs? I know about Barcenos on 50th, and they did a great job, but sometimes it is difficult to book an appointment with them.

acceptance letters?

admissions question, annoying, i know.

has anyone that doesn't meet the automatic acceptance number recieved a response from the admissions office yet? i turned my app in at the end of october, and all I've heard so far is "your application has received an initial review and a final decision is pending."
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I'm TAing CSE 143 next quarter, my first TA assignment. So, i guess i'm wonding what you guys have found to be good qualities/ideas/that sort of stuff for a TA to have? Science courses specifically.

ipods and CSE 142

I think I remember hearing something about the Mac Store on 45th having some kind of student distcount on ipods. Has anyone heard of this?

Also, can anyone tell me about how much my books/supplies are going to cost me for CSE 142? Is it copyprint stuff, or will I need an expensive textbook? Thanks.

music 161

does anyone know when they offer music 161? i know it usually says on the course description online, but it wasn't there... and it wasn't offered autumn or winter quarter... anyway i was just curious, it sounded kind of interesting. :)