December 28th, 2004


(no subject)

so, i am interested in so many majors and have no idea what ones i want to do the most (i plan on double majoring). so, i was wondering if anyone could give me any feedback about the following majors:

CHID, english, history, LSJ, political science, italian, geography

thanks much! -maggie

(no subject)

Hey, I was wondering if it was possible to retake a course(like psychology 101) sometime in the future(like this summer) and if I were to get a better grade in the class then, replace it for my GPA I have now?

SEEKING SWM... or anth100 books

If you have the following books to sell, please let me know how much you want for them. I'm so sad my u-match is dowwwwn.

Anthropology (10E 04, Kottack)
Third Chimpanzee (Diamond)

P.S. Just kidding about the single white male.
P.P.S. Not that anything is wrong with them... :)