December 22nd, 2004


hey, just wondering if anyone has taken Astro 150 with washburn/smith? just wondering what that class is like... thanks!!!
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yet another...

here's another annoying question about grades!! ok... for all you freshman out there - do you still have an "x" next to your FIG class grade??? Just curious... even if it is just C/NC... alright thanks for listening. :)
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Ethnomusicology and Scandinavian Studies

I am interested in meeting likeminded individuals in the music and Scandinavian studies depts. I will (hopefully) be attending the UW this coming fall and would like to make acquaintances before my arrival. I plan on going into ethnomusicology for both Indian and Nordic music. I will be taking Norwegian and know some already, but not enough to carry on an intelligent conversation. Right now I am at Green River Community College finishing up prerequisites and remedial classes in preparation for an AA degree and for transferring to the UW.

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Now that grades are posted, all those classes with prerequisites and cancellation in effect are opening up spots where those who didn't make the grade were dropped. If tou're missing a class or have a crappy schedule, TODAY is the day to amend that!

The above was probably not news to a good number of you; to you, I apologize for taking up an entry on you friends page.

prerequisit questions

ok some classes state a minimum grade for a prerequisit:
Prerequisite: either 1.7 in CHEM 155 or 1.7 in CHEM 162; recommended: CHEM 418

others dont:
Prerequisite: either CHEM 224, CHEM 239, or CHEM 337; CHEM 416

does that mean that you dont have to meet a minimum grade for those classes that dont list it? i thought all prerequisits were 1.7 or higher.

is there anyway around a prerequisite if your grade wasnt high enough?