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Tuesday, December 21st, 2004

Time:12:22 am.
For those of you who've taken Economics (especially 300) from these professors:

G. Ellis, E. Rose, T. Ross, and K. Chan -

what did you think? [Right now I'm reigistered as having Ellis.]

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Subject:Winter quarter U-Pass
Time:1:24 am.
Sorry if this has been asked hundred times already, but do you guys know when exactly we get our U-Pass? I thought we were supposed to received it on the 17th...? Obviously, I still haven't gotten mine. A friend of mine has recently moved, so she wants to make sure that the UW has her current address on file.
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Time:3:59 am.
are econ200 grades up yet?

there's an "x" in the grade box.. i'm freaked out!
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Subject:New Years Eve Party in the U-District !
Time:9:26 am.
What are you doing, NEW YEARS EVE?
This is the event you have been waiting for!
Come spend NEW YEARS EVE with Jet City Improv. We are planning a THREE HOUR IMPROV SHOW, starting at 9pm, and running till midnight. Then we will have dancing and fun until 2am.

The plan is:
• When you arrive - Guests receive Party Hats, Noisemakers, and Caricatures will be drawn in lobby.
• When the show begins (9pm) we will have live remote calls from New Years Eve in New York City - From Times Square, then we will have History games and or suggestions based on events of the last millennium. (THE PAST)
• Food will be served in the lobby, then...
• At 10pm, we will have a live remote call from New Years Eve in Chicago, then we will have scenes based on events of the last year (THE PRESENT) - including a short Twisted Flick.
• Cake will be served in the lobby - Then...
• At 11pm, we will have a live remote call from New Years Eve in Denver, along with predictions for the coming year with Nostradamus (THE FUTURE). Then...
• At 12:00 New Years!
• The Space Needle Fireworks will be projected on BIG screen and a Champagne toast along with a special appearance of the New Years Baby. THEN.....

We will all Dance until 2:00am.

Come spend the night with the JET CITY IMPROV family. This event is all ages, and we provide all food, party favors and a champagne (or non-alcoholic) toast at midnight.

Tickets are $39 per person or $65 per couple, and can be purchased beforehand at:

We hope to see you there! Bring your friends and make this the New Years Eve event of the CENTURY!

Quick Info:
What: Jet City Improv New Years Eve Party
Where: 5510 University Way NE - Seattle, U-District
When: 12/31 9 PM - 12 AM (Party after from 12-2AM)
Cost: $39 per person or $65 per couple (all ages)
Contact/Questions: www.jetcityimprov.com
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Time:3:09 pm.
hi, does anyone know if steven's court units are usually messy? i was thinking of moving in there next quarter and had a viewing appointment in one, and it was really messy. i'm fine w/ dishes in the sink and a full trash, but there was like cereal all over the counter (pieces of it) and mcdonald's wrappers on the table and a bathroom that smelled pretty bad...is this normal for steven's court, or abnormal? thanks in advance :) christina
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Time:3:13 pm.
has anyone tutored through pipeline? if so, was it a fun/rewarding experience? was the time committment manageable for 2 credits? i love little kids and think it looks fun :)
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Time:6:45 pm.
anyone want two papazon (sp?) chairs? the frames are in good condition. id like $50, obo.
reply to this or email me at trixiewabbit@gmail.com

starving college students could probably talk me into giving them away for free. lol.
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Subject:Attention all English Majors!
Time:10:09 pm.
Mood: anxious.
Sorry to bother all of you, but I need answers!

Two questions:
1. Exactly how competitive is acceptance into the English major? I'm a 3.6 student (with a somewhat higher GPA in my English classes), but will that be good enough when I apply this winter? Or does 'competitive' mean very little?

2. I'm taking 'Engl 333: The English Novel' with Dunn next quarter. Are they a good prof? As in, are they fair, workload, grading, etc.

Thanks so much! Any advice you folks can offer is greatly appreciated!
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