December 20th, 2004


Community college.

Problem: I went to UW fall quarter, but am going to a local community college (Green River) for winter quarter.

(When I went to register for winter quarter, UW's admissions on the intarweb pulled the "we still don't have your immunization records" card [when I registered for autumn quarter, they waived it temporarily, but I never supplied the records], so I didn't, and still have not, registered at UW. And: due to, for lack of a better term, retarded complications with my high school, I currently have absolutely no records of being immunized, so I can no longer register for classes at UW.)

I'm wondering what my current/future status is in the eyes of the University. I am most likely going to try to go back to UW in the future - assuming I can scrounge up/forge immunization records - and I'd like to know what, if any, freakin' weird conditions my (re)application will have. To anyone who has some kind of answer to this odd question, thanks in advance.
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Denice Dee Denton

Hi there. My name's Dan, and I'm a student at UC Santa Cruz.

A little UCSC background first: Our old chancellor, M.R.C. Greenwood, spent the years of her appointment turning a liberal arts school with a beautiful campus in the redwoods and experimental policies into an everyday engineering school with an emphasis on construction and money making. She ran the place like a business, and to her credit, she accomplished what she set out to do. She brought a lot of money into the university by pushing our credibility as a research science institution, but in the process, she irreparably damaged many of the things that made our campus truly unique and gave incoming students a reason to choose UCSC over other cookie cutter institutions. She left her position because she was chosen by UC President Dynes to become the Provost (second in command) of the entire UC system.

Personally, I am a Computer Engineering major, but I chose to attend UCSC in spite of my major - I chose it because I felt the most important factor is a University's atmosphere/environment and institutional policies. I'm currently living in the dorm most associated with Art students.

Anyway, I'm writing here because your current/former Dean of the College of Engineering, Denice Dee Denton, was appointed as our next Chancellor at UCSC. Doing a very quick search on her, I discovered a couple things of note about her and her appointment:

- She is openly lesbian, and many have announced her appointment only to point this out. This is good.

- As your Dean, she made an effort to diversify the students in engineering majors. Many news articles specifically point this out. This is also good.

- She was chosen specifically by UC President Robert Dynes from a field of 700 candidates, because she "understands the increasingly important role UC-Santa Cruz plays in the Silicon Valley and beyond." This is probably bad, given his priorities.

- She was appointed to the President's Committee on the National Medal of Science by Bush. I have no idea what to think of this.

Do any of you know more about her, or specifically her other accomplishments or politics? Thanks.
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looking for a roommate

Myself and two other girls are moving into a house on January 1 and desperately need one more roommate. It's on 21st and 47th and only a short walk away from campus. It's a duplex. We will be living on the top two floors and the basement is up for rent, but currently unoccupied. Our section has four bedrooms and two bathrooms, plenty of parking, new carpeting, a fireplace, and is very big. The only real downfall is that there are no washers and dryers, but there are hookups if you have a washer or dryer of your own.

Rent is $525 a month per person, and that includes all utilities and cable tv and internet.

If you are interested, email me at
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gear up??

~ Hey just wondering if anyone has volunteered/ worked for the Gear Up program recently?? I'm considering applying for a tutor position with them once winter qtr starts (if its still an option).. since I can't find a job anywhere else and all.. but I just wondering if anyone has any thoughts they'd like to share. I enjoy mentoring/ tutoring and all (i'd love to tutor french) but I've heard some of these kids can be quite rowdy and quite a handful sometimes.. at least during the summer conference season (thats what my friend who works for conference services told me)... Thanks for the thoughts!
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(no subject)

You most certainly don't have to respond/share, but if you'd like, how did everyone's grades turn out? (If yours have posted that is!) I hope well. Did you get grades that you expected?