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Tuesday, December 14th, 2004

Subject:student co-op looking for members
Time:12:28 pm.
I mentioned this in a thread, but I think it deserves its own post. The Sherwood co-op, a 14 member student-owned co-op in the U District, has some openings coming up. Right now, there is a furnished room (sublet) open for Winter quarter, and a regular member room opening up Feb 1. Other than that, rooms open up fairly regularly, so we will also be looking for people for summer, next fall, etc.

House share runs about $600-$650 per month, which includes a bedroom, all utilities, DSL, NY Times, food, fully equipped kitchen, and a great community experience.

Email sherwoodcoop@riseup.net or reply to this post if you have further questions.
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Subject:Math book thingies.
Time:3:55 pm.
Mood: tired.
Can anyone tell me what the math packet things usually cost? Are they like $30?
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Subject:Acceptance Letters Anyone?
Time:5:20 pm.
Has anyone out there received their admissions decisions for fall 2005 yet? My application status site says my application has been reviewed and is awaiting a final admissions decision. I'm so anxious.

Current students: about when did you get your letter? I applied online on October 26th...
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Subject:Admissions Index
Time:7:13 pm.
There's a lot of apprehension in this community over admissions. While this can't tell you whether or not you'll definitely be given an offer of admission, I've found the table used to determine freshman applicants' Admissions Index (AI). According to The Daily, an AI of 70 or higher will automatically give you an offer of admission, provided that you aren't deficient in any required core subjects. Those with AIs below 70 will go on to a comprehensive review, where your essay, HS class load, activities, etc. are taken into consideration.

You also might be able to determine your AI at https://sdb.admin.washington.edu/students/uwnetid/unofficial.asp
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Subject:Refrigerator For Sale
Time:10:43 pm.
Moving out of the dorms this quarter and looking to sell my refrigerator. Great condition and much bigger than the fridges you can rent in the dorms! I'm asking $70.00 for it, half of the original price. It's still on campus until the end of this week, so it's easy to pick up if you're on campus. Contact Kristi at kristim@u.washington.edu, see link below for more info.

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