December 11th, 2004

fleur de lys

french final..

Hey everyone, I just finished fr. 203 this qtr.. but I was wondering, if any of you took fr. 102 (for ex)this qtr, is your Sat morning final somewhere other than in Thomson Hall??(my is) I was just purely curious for some odd reason.. a friend of mine is taking her 103 final in savery and I had one once in Lowe.. dont ask me why.. its 120am and I should be asleep right now in order to get up for my test.. but i'm not.. anyways.. just Bonne Chance!

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i am selling my refrigerator b/c i'm moving out of my dorm. it's 2.75 cubic feet, has a cute little freezer, and is in STUPENDOUS condition. it's only $50 (gasp!) if you are interested, please contact me and you can come over to see it...thanks!!

Gulf of Mexico

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So what is every one out there doing to procrastinate studying for their finals? (Other than checking LJ, of course.)

I have two big finals on Monday and despite knowing better, I am taking artistic digital camera pictures. Because really, really up-close pictures of random stuff on my desk are cool.

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