December 6th, 2004

i'm a machine, you're a woman

The Departure, or Crossposted Offer of Sublease

looking to move out by Winter Quarter. sorry for short notice. looking to sublease my studio apartment. 640 per month, incredibly close to the UW (couple blocks), personal bathroom, privacy, quietude, and high speed wireless internet access. reasons for departure are personal ones- I am happy to live here and I am sad to have to move out.

contact info on my livejournal user information page.

crossposted in all those other UW journals. Sorry for the hassle to see this on your Friends List.

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You are now able to renew your baskets at the IMA. They are letting students renew w/o their winter registration sticker because the sitckers wont be sent out till december 17th. You only have till JANUARY 7TH to renew or vacate your basket. Please do so so we dont have to impound you stuff.

Thanks you
your friendly neighborhood IMA locker room attendant.
jose!, no way


i've never driven to a husky game before, but beucase of my work schedule, i'll need to park near hec ed or i'm not going to get there by gametime.
does anyone know where i'm allowed to park tomarrow? how much it is? anything?
the parking services website is just too muddled for my small amount of patience.