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Thursday, December 2nd, 2004

Subject:Proposed Fashion Show
Time:1:16 am.
Current Proposal had been sent to FIUTS, several International/Cultural Clubs, film club, Ethnic Cultural Center:

music talent? artistic talent? interested? read on:


Hello, this is a message to any individuals who wish to participate.

Please spread the word.

My name is Warren Chin, Vice-President of Phi Alpha Theta (UW's History Club) My
club proposed an event that could affect most clubs on campus. As we took
history courses in our lifetime, not only are we learning world history, but we
are also learning the culture of many other societies as we study their
historical contents. Fashion played a huge part in a society's culture. We are
planning a Fashion Show, not just any 'Fashion Show', it'll be A Historical
Fashion Show: where models would wear traditional cultural outfits from
different time frames, and display them on stage. This brings great unity in our
diverse student organizations. We'll get to learn more about each culture, plus,
we'll have fun.

Here's my Rough Outline of the Fashion Show:

-It'll be held sometime in Spring Quarter 2005.
-Profit from Admission Tickets would be distributed among participating clubs.
(Club fundraiser)
-about 15% of profit made on the Fashion Show will be donated to a charity.
-Participating clubs would share expenses (or duties) on advertising of event.
-Depending on participation, Fashion Show average from an hour to 2 hours.

Fashion Show will bring more teamwork among clubs, make new friends, create a
better understanding of other cultures, and have fun. Plus, it's a fundraiser
event for clubs. Weekly or bi-weekly meetings are likely to occur to organize
success of Fashion Show.

Fashion Show was consists of:
-Open Act(s)
-Cultural Performances
-Musical Performances -Closing Act(s)
-(Part A) Traditional Outfits
-(Part B) Modern Outfits that incorporate cultural theme (color, style, etc).
And maybe:
-summer outfits
(which all, are original designs, plus incorporate some cultural theme)

Fashion Show will allow talented individuals perform in front of large crowds.
Traditional dances, singing, music, performance, etc will enlighten audience
with rich culture.

Outfits can be:
-handmade from scratch (original):
(allows creative individuals to express their creations artistically, allows
teamwork for club members, allows activities for club members, as well as making
profit if patron buy the outfits after Fashion Show)
-outfits from family, relatives (actual garments):
(traditional garments passed down from generation, allows self to define their
-Outfits from Sponsored Store (new designs):
A store can allow models to wear their designs (outfits); allowed promotion of
store; as well as actually selling the outfits after the Fashion Show [freeadvertisement of products]

In Fashion Show:
-A fashion catalog will be created for Audience. Catalog will list outfits by
numbers, as well as brief description. (Allows audience to follow along as Show
progress) -Announcement of each outfit and description as models come up to
stage (catwalk)
-Clubs could set up booths outside Fashion Show. Provide refreshments/items for
sale for patrons before and after show. (Fundraising for clubs)
-Photographs, Films, onstage and off stage. (Active participation in both sides
of stage)

After Fashion show
-After-Show Party! All participants celebrate the success and end of the Fashion

That is my Rough Outline for Fashion Show; all we need now is the participation
of clubs that are willing to commit to this event. The more clubs, the better
the show, the greater success of show, and maybe it'll be on the news!
If you are interested in this project, let me know by the end of Autumn Quarter
2004 (December 15, 2004). My contact info:


If you have any questions, comments, feel free to email me. Thank You.

-Warren Chin
Vice-President of Phi Alpha Theta (UW History Club)
Director and Project Manager of Proposed Fashion Show
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Time:12:16 pm.
hey i was just wondering if anyone knew how to become a peer TA, (undergrad TA for a class) or if you knew anything about it..thanks!
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Subject:Chem 142 webASS hw help!!!
Time:8:51 pm.
Mood: aggravated.
Is there anyone who can help me w/ problems 3 and 6? I'm sure these are the easiest problems, but those are the last two I'm having trouble with. I can help anyone else w/ any of the other problems. I would love you forever =)

Edit- trixie_wabbit is awesome
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Subject:CHEM 120
Time:11:49 pm.
Hi I was just wondering if anyone has a sample formal lab report that I could look at? I'm having a semi-hard time doing this [it's my first time.] If you could just comment back with a website or something, that would be great. Thanks for the help.
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