November 30th, 2004

uw students on mtv

about a month ago, suchen pak and mtv came out to uw to interveiw students about sexual awareness and college sex life. the show is called fight for your rights: a campus guide to safer sex, and it will be airing at 7 a.m., 1 p.m., and 7:30 p.m this wednesday, dec. 1st, world aids day. it should be worth watching, and at the very least you can look for me on there! (i'm the dopey white guy in the green and white stripped shirt)


Anth 100...

One other note.... if anyone is taking Anthropology 100 next qtr I also have the textbook for that class that I would be willing to sell, it would probably be a better deal for both parties rather than going through the bookstore! I have highlighted quite a bit though, so it depends on your preference... Just let me know, thanks!!! :)

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i'm another senior applying to UW, and it's probably a little late since I'm trying to turn in my application (online) later tonight..
but if any of you have spare time to read over my personal statement that would be great..  Writing is definitely not a skill I really posses or feel comfortable with (and add the fact that becaus eof exchange I havent had an english class since first semester sophomore year), so feel free to rip it apart.. (only in a kind way please!)



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i know its short notice...

Students for the Exploration and Development of Space

First Meeting Today!
Tuesday, November 30
6:00 pm
HUB 309

Find out about this exciting new chapter of SEDS--the national organization for students interested in space!

At this first general meeting, we will be electing our officers, announcing some of our first interesting projects, and answering questions.

Hope to see you there!

note: Im promoing this page for a friend, if you would like to know more i suggest you contact Carie

1-Credit course

At the very beginning of this quarter, I mentioned this class. It's offered again next quarter.

The course is Women, Computing, and Collaborating, a pre-cse142 seminar. So, if you're a freshman or sophomore and you want to learn more about computer science, sign up for ENGR199b. No computer knowledge is required.

Last time I posted about this class, I hadn't been a TA for it yet. Now that I am a TA, I can guarantee you that it is an awesome class. We explore lots of topics in CSE. The class is a lot of fun and very informative.

Tuesdays 1:30-2:20
1 Credit
Course Website

We'll be adding pictures from this quarter later. For now, here's a list: Programmed LEGO robots, taken part a computer and learned how the hardware works, learned about electronic voting, played around with some graphics programs and had guests from Microsoft talk about careers in CS.

Oh, and the Course Catalog Entry.
rock on
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George Foreman Grill Expertise?


I was just wondering how to remove the grill plates from the George Foreman Grill. I thought they were removable, but it does not show or tell me in the owners manual how to remove them. I would just like to know how because it would be easier to clean them. It seems like the top could be separated from the bottom, but I don't want to break it! I know the Foremans are popular, so I figured it would be pertinent.
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African American Lit 1745-present

Hi all. Well, I waited until now to figure out that "hey maybe taking physics 122 when I'm not doing very well in physics 121 is a bad idea" so I'm looking into signing up for another class asap. I need english credits so I thought African American lit might be good, but it looks like a rather demanding class. Has anyone taken that class before? How hard is it? I've emailed the prof, but I just wanted people's opinions here too. Thanks.
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Hands-on Seattle holiday

Alright, you all know you want to play around and be a kid again around Christmas time (or Hannukah, Kwanzaa time...)

So, come downtown with me and my photographer for a medley of Seattle holiday fun.

We're leaving at about 12:30 pm on Friday to go downtown and get in the spirit, from the bus stop across from Terry-Lander on Campus Pkway.

Activities include:
Riding the Carousel
Time with Santa
Playing with remote control trains

And whatever other great fun stuff we can think of.

Be prepared to have your picture taken and be asked questions about how much you LOVE Seattle this time of year. :)
(Or at least, how much fun you have screwing around downtown this time of year.) It'll be great. You'll provide lots of great quotes, have a BLAST, and revive the article I'm writing from the pits of hell.

We'll be back before 3:30, cause I have to be at work then. :)

All are welcome: UW students preferred.

or IM ZanyZipp03 if you're game.