November 27th, 2004

fleur de lys

Hawaii anyone?????

~ Ok, so I know this is somewhat last minute, but.. my parents leave tomorrow afternoon (sunday) for a 2 week Hawaiian vacation .. in Honolulu (no fair!.. and they get back the morning of my birthday too, ah man).. but anyways, I need some suggestions of what they should get me. I want them to get me something 'truly hawaiian', I just have no clue what that is. I don't want something that can be found all over the place.. I'm looking for something more unique and more representative of Hawaii.. and I want them to get me a cool tshirt too! I always have to get tshirts, heh. So if any of you knowledgable people/ Hawaiian students know of any cool things and cool tshirts, I'd appreciate the ideas!

- oh and BTW, I really love the surf culture, surf theme stuff, etc.. I don't think they'd buy me a surfboard though.. maybe some hibicus flowers? seashells? .. yeah.. any thoughts?