November 21st, 2004

Double-sided printing?

My teacher for English 242 is encouraging us to print out our papers in double-sided fashion. (I would like this as well, since it'll cut printing costs in half, approximately.) Problem is, I don't know where to turn this option on. Can anyone tell me? And, will this work in places other than the Odegaard Copy Center?

Nordheim Court

To the people who live or have lived here what do you think of the place? I'm considering moving there from the dorms (McMahon) and wanted to get some opinions on the place. Do the people mostly keep to themselves or is there a social atmosphere? Thoughts on the price and location compared to apartments in the UDistrict? Any comments are helpful.
  • galith

(no subject)

Something will be going on at the HUB lawn, the quad, red square, or the Allen library underpass between 12:30 and 2:30 tomorrow. I recommend you check it out.