November 18th, 2004


no pedro for kids

Dear Pedro the Lion,

Our names are Phi, Steph, Carla, and Nate. We bought tickets for the December 4th show at The Showbox in Seattle, WA on October thirtieth of this year, anticipating and being (EXTREMELY!!!) excited to see you guys in concert. We all came to see you perform at the Bite of Oregon earlier this summer in a kind of relay performance lineup, and we were excited to see a real, full show this winter.

My name is Phi and I have just been informed that the show has been changed to twenty one and over, and seeing as how all of us are eighteen, we will not be able to attend. I'm pretty much heartbroken, as I was listening to Winners Never Quit this morning while walking to work at UW. I'm going to have to inform my three friends later today that there's no way we can get into the show.

Alcohol ruins lives.

We all would really like to attend though, but at this point it looks like we're helpless and it's hopeless. We only had our hearts set on going and seeing you guys. Seems our hearts are broken so easily, but that's because love comes easily to us "kids."

Until next time,
devoted, sad fans

Registration... what else

What do people think of PSYCH 210? I hear its way overrated... SOC 271? I hear the only guy whos teaching it sucks... but is it really -that- bad? SISEA 241? ARCH 351? It says no freshmen in the notes... are they serious? Why no freshman? If I'm not allowed in ARCH 351, is ARCH 151 any good? Any suggestions for 3 unit classes?
B & W
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Hey guys, I'm Megan & I'm a Senior at an arts school in the Vancouver/Portland area.
UW is one of my top choices for college and sooo....I'm wondering if you guys have any pointers? :D
I'm interested in accounting & business management if that helps!


I've taken math 124, 125, 126 at nscc and i love them all. Does anyone know any good math professors at the UW? I'm thinking about taking math 307, but I've heard it's kinda hard to follow MYSLIVETS cuz his russian accents.. I guess i can take it online, but i'm VERY uncertain of how it works...(online classes are kinda scary for me somehow >_>) Can anyone tell me anything about the math classes they've taken, or suggest any good professors? thanks a lot ^_____^