November 17th, 2004

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Anyone in English 284???

Hey is anyone reading this English 284 in the 9:30 class that is willing to switch or have me hold their spot in something, I am a freshman and I really really really really want to take that class, but it seems to be mostly filled up with people just taking their VLPAs, so if there's anyone who will help I would appreciate it.
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free culture student group

1. What if you could take music and culture back from corporations?
2. What if you could get Linux on every campus computer cluster?
3. What if you could make filesharing legal and pay musicians?

For those interested in the open source movement and free distribution of files, among other things, consider starting a Free Culture group at UW. I'd do it myself if I hadn't moved to Tucson last week.

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SILENT Rally For Change: Iraq
Red Square, University of Washington Campus

Rally For Change is a new progressive student coalition of groups throughout the
Seattle campuses. It is the formation of a student mobilization that will allow
for avenues of communication within the progressive community and for students
all through out the Seattle area to connect through progressive issues and

Our first kick off event is this Friday, November 19th, at Red Square on
the University of Washington Campus from 1:20-3.

It will be a silent rally where
students from any campus or anyone else from the community who is interested
will gather to listen to various speakers from the Seattle area talk about the
events in Iraq and what we can do as individuals and as groups to change the
current course of action that is detrimental to social justice in our world. It
will be a time for groups to begin to connect and there will be an open mic for
student groups to talk about their organization and promote the work they are
doing as well.

"Rally For Change: Iraq" is the first in a series of rallies that
will focus on specific inequalities and injustices that reign through out the
world (racism, sexism, homophobia, globalization ... and so forth).

Word of
mouth is the only means to promote this event right now, so please forward this
to anyone or any group you think would be interested.

If you are interested in
learning more about the rally or group please e-mail

INFO 300

What can you guys tell me about this class? I was all for taking it (fits perfectly into my schedule), when I noticed it seems to be primarily group work. I don't do especially well in groups :/

Also, any Math 120 advice? I know I have to/am going to take it, just wondering what to expect.
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Humanities 102??

Hey has anyone here taken it or is in it? Is it worth taking? It's fits into my schedule and takes care of VLPA and I&S. Or if anyone knows of a good 5 cred class that is only between M-Th and before 1:30 thank ya very much.
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INFO 100

What is INFO 100 like?

Is it more learning how to use things or learning how to make things? Does it have much homework? How do they test you? I'm not a technical person and I don't want a class that's really esoteric. I have no clue what it's really about but it sounds interesting.

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Thoughts on SOC 271 Introduction to the Sociology of Deviance and Social Control
and SIS 123 Introduction to Globalization?

Weis is teaching SOC 271
and Sparke is teaching SIS 123.