November 16th, 2004

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i am doing a project about what it's like to be a kabbalist.

by a long shot, does anyone here practice kabbalah? or know about it or even have some founded opinions on it (maybe as an orthodox jew) and are willing to go through a short interview probably sometime next week or the week after? i will buy you a donut, or coffee or something.

or does anyone know how to contact some jewish organiations on campus or around seattle? or are in one and can give me some contact information for the head of the organization? i'm trying to get into the database that lists the ones on campus, but it won't let me.

pretty much any help is appreciated.

you can email me at (which would be preferable) but you can comment here too.
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Genome 490

Anyone know if Genome 490 is interesting at all? I need a 2-3 credit class... and I'm thinking of majoring in Molecular Biology...
Is it really hard? I don't see any pre-reqs... how would a freshman do in a class like that? Hmm... anyone have any suggestions for 1-2-3 credit classes?