November 15th, 2004

where do I go from here?

Women 354 & Econ 300

Has anyone here taken Women 354: Lesbian Lives & Culture?
If so, what was the curriculum like? There are no textbooks listed yet, and the topic seems pretty broad.
Also, I registed for Econ 300 with Elaina Rose, and she got bad marks in the course evaluation catalog (low 3's). Has anyone taken a class with her and can explain to me why her marks were so low? Her class is the best time-wise for my schedule, but I could switch if need be.

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Has anyone taken ART 126?

I'm looking for one more class, and this one fits perfectly into my schedule. I'm interested in Art and learning more about it, but I'm not very talented in the Fine Arts area. Will my lack of skill affect me in this class, or will I be ok as long as I try my best and get the main idea down?

Hey all you English majors...

Anyone have any opinions on L. Searle as a professor? There's nothing in the evaluation catalogue about this person. I am taking like 18 credits this quarter so I don't want to take anything with a monstrous reading load, and I figured Engl. 331 - Romantic Poetry I, might not be a bad choice, but I would appreciate any opinions, if anyone would care to share!
Thanks and good luck with registration.
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Film lab?

I'm not going to be going to my class on Thursday when we'll be watching a movie, but I need to write a paper on the movie. I was planning to just get it from the Media Center or from Scarecrow... but I didn't realize just how obscure the moviews are, so neither one has it. I know that if that's the case, I'm probably screwed, but I think this movie might be available on film only so I'm wondering if we have some kind of film library at UW and then a place that I can watch it? And ideas about this?

And as a long shot, the movie's called "Rebellion in Patagoina," so if you have a copy or know where to get one, please, please let me know.
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