November 13th, 2004


for those of you who've taken Econ classes... what's the difference between Econ 200 and 201, and which would you suggest?
I need to take either one for my business pre reqs.

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does anyone know if SOC 220 lectures are as skipable as STAT 220 lectures? I need stat 220 for my degree, but i can substitue it w/ soc 220, they're offered at the same time but different class rooms, and the soc 220 sections are closer to my other classes. I was just wondering because all my important classes, along w/ the soc/stat sections, are on TWTh next quarter, 4 day weekends would be nice (though i'd prolly just end up working on MF)

Head of the Lake Regatta


The men and women of the Husky Crew team will be competing in the Head of the Lake regatta this weekend, hosted by the Lake Washington Rowing club on the waters of Lake Washington/Lake Union.

The regatta starts at 8:00 am on Sunday, November 14
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We'll be competing against Stanford, UCLA, UVictoria, WSU, OSU, UBC, Minnesota and MORE exciting crews.
The Huskies CLEANED UP at the Portland Loop Regatta two weekends ago, with all crews dominating their races.

See you at the races!

More regatta info available at The HOTL website
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Can anyone recommend a good Udistrict hair salon? Something I can walk to from Terry/Lander, not ridiculously expensive, and a little bit hjigher caliber than your average Hair Masters or Supercuts. My hair is about to get some drastic change, so I need someone who knows what they are doing.