November 10th, 2004


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I'm doing an Ethnography for Anth 100, and I was interested in interviewing someone who's following a "Pro-Ana" lifestyle. If you or anyone you know is interested in helping me out with this study (and either goes to UW or is in the King/Pierce County area) please respond to this, or email me at Your name and any information you request will be kept confidential, and you would be featured in a non-biased paper exploring the world of pro-ana. Thanks!

ATTN: Artists, drawers, sketchers, etc...

hey everyone, i'm on the hunt to find someone on campus that can draw a tattoo design for me? i can pay like 10bucks if thats cool? its a small drawing prolly at most no larger than 2inx4in if anyone who is good at drawing pretty things, ie tigers/zodiac signs/cursivey loopy writing... if you can help me out please let me kno thank!!!
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Loan Consolidation

Ok - I know there are a lot of alumni and recent grads on this list.

Who did you use/how did you consolidate your student loans?

I'm clueless about who to go with and my grace period is up next month

Help/advice please!