November 9th, 2004

Skeptical Ramona

Study a broad

Has anyone here participated in a study abroad program without the help of an agency (an agency being either UW or an outside group like CIEE)? I'm in the middle of all my preparations now and I almost wish I had paid the ridiculous agency fees just so I wouldn't have to be the one breathing down my prospective university's neck about course syllabi, credit conversion and a zillion other things.

Have you done this? Did you make it work? Did you get your credit at UW? If so, is there anything I can do to make this whole thing more bearable? Deadlines for winter quarter are coming up soon and right now, I got nothing.

Thanks in advance.

just to let you know...

Emergency Demonstration: Hands off Fallujah!
Bring the troops home now!!
Money for jobs and education, not for war and occupation!

Saturday, November 13, 1 pm, at Westlake Plaza in Seattle (4th and Pine)

more info, contact Seattle ANSWER:
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(no subject)

Has anyone taken HSTAA316 (history of science in america)? What'd you think of it? It's a kind of late class and I'm not sure how well it would hold interest. Does anyone know of/recommend an interesting/fun writing course? Thanks!
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I know that DXArts is a newer program at UW, but has anyone by chance taken DXArts201?
I was just curious what is entailed within this class....the description (like all of UW class description) is a bit broad, if anyone has anymore personal experience of what they thought of this class (and how much it differed from DXArts200 in what you were taught) please share!

Apple Cup Tickets

I am asking for a friend of a friend.... if anyone by chance has tickets to Apple Cup @ WSU this year. I don't know what they're willing to pay... but he's looking for anywhere from 2-4. Reply to this if you know of anyone selling them! Thanks!
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(no subject)

Any thoughts on the online classes here? I'm not talking about that easy Enviro Sci class that everyone takes- I mean the real online classes :P (not to piss off anyone who liked the enviro class....but i seriously doubt anyone has learned anything from it, just from stories I've heard).
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looking for a job?

I'm posting this purely to help myself out. My work, Ben and Jerry's in the U-Village, is short staffed and looking to hire very, very soon. No one is putting in applications. I love working there and it is definately a collegestudent-friendly job with flexible hours. So if any of you guys need jobs....pick up an app!