November 8th, 2004

more classes...

So... has anyone taken anyone of the following classes:

Art H 342 Roman Art and Archaeology
CL Ar 336 Archaeology in Early Italy
CLAS 326 Women in Antiquity
CLAS 328 Sex and Gender in Lit...

Ok... that about sums it up for now! I need to take another 3 credit course to fit in my schedule and I just don't know which one to take... So any advice on those classes? Hard/fun/easy/boring??? Thanks so much :)
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*drools* yummmm

Hey. I went to Gossip (on the Ave) today and I have to say, I think I'm in love with the place. I got a scoop of Mexican Chocolate ice cream and an Oolong milk tea with bubbles in it, and both were fantastic. The tea was actually brewed from loose leaf, not just a powder in a jar. I highly suggest dropping by there- they do chai drinks and a lot of teas. I'd really like to go back and get a pot, and sit down to study. The prices were great, too. Check it out!

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This is rediculous, but is there any Freshman that will register for the A section of Art 140 for me to hold me a space, I'll hold a space for you in something..... I thought now that I was a graduating senior I wouldn't have to deal with this.
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Registration Woes hehe

Oy. This is special. So, I'm a foreign language student. Thats what I want to take next quarter. Unfortunately, a lot of my experience is out of the country, rather than in classes. So I need to take placement tests to register. Unfortunately, I am currently ::also:: out of the country, on foreign study. The non foreign language classes I want to take? Require either prerequisites I only marginally have (I'm hoping a combined 8years+ of different foreign languages will sub in for having taken a linguistics course hehe), or am taking this quarter; but what I"m taking this quarter doesn't show up as anything but 'foreign study' until I get back. So.. when i get back, on the 28th of december... I will have 6 days to take placement tests, convince them of what I know, and, in the unlikely event that the classes are still open (yeah, no spanish 302 for me), register. Oy.

  • kayanna

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so....has anyone taken ENVIR 203, ART 140, or SIS 330?
I'm stuck. I have to pick one of them to not take, and I'm trying to figure out what the experience of each class will be like. Good? Bad? Workload?