November 7th, 2004


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Anybody know a good place for fish and chips in the area? I know there's the Ivar's Salmon Lodge under the ship canal bridge, but I'm hoping for something closer to the Ave or U-village.
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the UW by the numbers from

Oct. 18, 2004 | Campus
2004 Autumn Quarter enrollments
FROM: Robert Roseth 206-543-2580

Seattle Campus Information

The University of Washington's Seattle campus enrollment for autumn quarter 2004 is 39,199, including 1,691 non-matriculated students (those who are not seeking degrees) enrolled in credit courses through University Educational Outreach.

* Undergraduate enrollment is 26,041 and graduate and professional is 11,467.
* Over half of the students are women, numbering 20,319 or 51.8 percent.
* Last year's headcount was 39,136.
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studying abroad

i have a question! i stumbled across a program on the Interational Programs and Exchanges site for one semster in Amsterdam studying gender and sexuality. it is through a non- uw program, but it seems you get UW credit for it anyway. I was wondering what the application process is like for anyone who has done these types of things. is the process really hard and selective? i am a freshman, and though there arent language req's for this program, what should i be doing to prepare? i will be trying to talk to an advisor about this but was also looking for the inside scoop. hmm. so spill the beans!

Prof's and Classes...

Registering tomorrow. Wondering if anyone has any thoughts on the following.
I want to take a poetry writing class, but don't really know anything about it.
Engl. 283, Shoemaker or Kelly?
Also looking to take French 110, basic French review?
Also, Art 140 or Art 190 basic photo or basic drawing. Not an artist at all, but could be fun.
Basically, I am a senior English major and on total burn out. I need an easy quarter.
Thought about Art History also, but no idea what to take.
Any other English Majors ready to just drop out! Grrr.
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CSE people?

So, I'm a freshman registering for my second quarter here at the U and would like some advice from any CSE majors or grad students. I plan on doing some advising next week (I don't register until the 19th) but thought I'd ask here first.

What should I be taking? Any general advice?
I already plan on taking CSE 142 if I can get in, and my next level of math. I don't plan on taking my Chemistry class until next fall. I already got my english comp out of the way.

any input would be appriciated :)

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anyone taken the University Singers class? i'm wondering what it is like.. fun? time consuming? not worth it? i've never taken singing lessons and was wondering if it's difficult with novice/beginner experience? thoughts?